Renewable Gasoline

Sustainable, Engine-Ready, Clean-Burning

CORE BioFuel's green gasoline production process uses commercially proven equipment from global suppliers to produce high octane gasoline from biomass.

About CORE

CORE BioFuel Inc. was formed in 2008 with the purpose of commercializing its licensed biomass-to-gasoline production process. CORE's patented production process provides a significant improvement of commercial methanol-to-gasoline (MTG) Process that reduces the required equipment and optimizes the carbon yield to produce engine-ready Green Gasoline.

CORE’s process is scalable, efficient, cost effective that uses proven commercial equipment from reputable suppliers and fabricators.

CORE's Green Gasoline produced from biomass is a carbon-reducing, ultra-low benzene, 94 octane gasoline – an eco-smart alternative to conventional petrochemical gasoline produced from fossil fuels.

CORE’s business model foresees a licensed commercial flagship leading to global commercial rollout. A number of potential plant sites in Canada, the U.S., and Caribbean nations have already been identified and are under development. CORE plans to license the patented process and proprietary technology across the globe.

Green Gasoline

CORE's Green Gasoline is an advanced second generation clean, green biofuel production process. The biofuel produced will be certified as an ASTM “drop-in” replacement for gasoline. Green Gasoline has numerous advantages over traditional gasoline and other biofuels, including:

  • Green Gasoline produced from wood fibre will contain little or no Criteria Air Contaminants, as well as being an ultra-low benzene fuel.
  • Unlike with ethanol, the distribution, market and end-user infrastructure for Green Gasoline is already in place.
  • The life cycle of Green Gasoline will be essentially carbon neutral. Excluding GHG impacts from land use changes (which could potentially improve the carbon life cycle impacts) the biomass-to-gasoline process and the use of the fuel itself could offset the vast majority of greenhouse gas emissions when compared to conventional gasoline.
  • CORE expects that Green Gasoline will be certified to meet the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) for vehicle fuels as well as being certified for D3 Renewable Identification Numbers.
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