About CORE

CORE BioFuel Inc. was formed in 2008 with the purpose of commercializing its licensed Infinitetm biomass-to-gasoline process, a patent-pending, efficient improvement of commercial methanol-to-gasoline processes. CORE's Infinitetm technology reduces the required equipment and optimizes the carbon yield to produce engine-ready "green" Gasoline. CORE’s process is scalable, efficient, and cost effective.

CORE’s process uses commercial equipment from reputable suppliers..

"Green" Gasoline from biomass is a carbon-reducing, ultra-low benzene, 94 octane gasoline – an eco-smart alternative to conventional gasoline produced from crude oil.

CORE’s business model foresees a licensed commercial flagship leading to global commercial rollout. A number of potential plant sites in Canada, the U.S. and developing nations have already been identified and are under development. CORE plans to license the technology across the globe.