Why We're Different

CORE’s revolutionary biomass-to-gasoline process is a quantum leap ahead of all the other biofuel production processes under development.

  1. Uses widely available, non-food, waste biomass that may have no other commercial use.

  2. Employs commercially available industrial scale equipment and requires no technology development.

  3. Produces carbon neutral, ultra-low benzene, 94 octane gasoline with little or no Criteria Air Contaminants which will be ASTM certified as a “drop-in” replacement for conventional gasoline.

  4. Takes advantage of the existing fuel marketing and distribution infrastructure.

  5. Will have a production cost of 38 cents/litre ($1.44/gallon).

  6. Is energy self sufficient and could be a net contributor of renewable electricity into the grid.

  7. Produces water (while most other commercial biofuel processes consume water).

  8. Does not produce toxic waste. The ash produced by the Green Gasoline is chemically inert. CORE is investigating its use as a soil amendment which could improve the growing conditions for reforestation activities.