Green Gasoline

CORE's Green Gasoline is a truly revolutionary clean, green biofuel that will be certified as an ASTM “drop-in” replacement for gasoline. Green Gasoline has numerous advantages over traditional gasoline and other biofuels, including:

  • Green Gasoline produced from wood fibre will contain little or no Criteria Air Contaminants, as well as being an ultra-low benzene fuel.
  • Unlike with ethanol, the distribution, market and end-user infrastructure for Green Gasoline is already in place.
  • The life cycle of Green Gasoline will be essentially carbon neutral. Excluding GHG impacts from land use changes (which could potentially improve the carbon life cycle impacts) the biomass-to-gasoline process and the use of the fuel itself could offset the vast majority of greenhouse gas emissions when compared to conventional gasoline.
  • CORE expects that Green Gasoline will be certified to meet the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard for vehicle fuels based on the projected greenhouse gas emissions reductions from its production and use.

CORE is projecting that the production costs for Green Gasoline will be 38 cents/litre ($1.44/gallon). CORE is expecting to achieve this milestone in production costs even with conservative estimates for the biomass feedstock and operational costs.